Vietnam was reported in the significant trade surplus of over USD 1 billion in November of 2013

Amongst other, total export and import values of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) traders in November of 2013 climbed down respectively by 6.6% to USD 7.53 billion and by 14.2% to USD 6.13 billion as compared to the result of October. To sum up, trade surplus of  FDI traders in November of 2013 posted USD 1.4 billion in value terms. 
The non-FDI traders’ trade gap (deficit)  in November 2013 was USD 396 million. In which, exports was USD 4.46 billion, drop slightly by 2% and imports was USD 4.86 billion, moved down by 9.5% in comparison to one month ago.
In the view of bilateral trading partners, the United States was the market with which Vietnam had the highest trade surplus at USD 1.73 billion in November of 2013. The followers are Hongkong, United Arab Emirates, Germany and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Vietnam’s biggest trade gap in November 2013 occurred in bilateral trade with China at over USD 2 billion. The followers are Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.